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emPOWER UP Skill Programs

About Our emPOWER UP Skill Programs

Empower Autism’s emPOWER UP Skill programs are designed by autistic people for autistic people. These programs are aimed at empowering young autistic adults with the tools, skills and strategies to thrive in their everyday lives.

We take pride in ensuring we provide an appropriate and supportive environment for each of our participants, with particular emphasis on ensuring we’re mindful of any sensory sensitivities or stressors for each and every participant. Program numbers are capped and our trainers who deliver these programs are either autistic or have been through an autistic awareness program run by Empower Autism staff.

Currently, these programs include:

  • emPOWER UP: Independence at Home
  • emPOWER UP: Independence in the Community
  • emPOWER UP: Employment Readiness
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