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emPOWER UP: Level 1

About emPOWER UP: Level 1

This program has been designed by autistic people for autistic people, with professional oversight by an experienced Occupational Therapist. The program is specifically for young autistic people looking to become more self-sufficient in the family home, preparing to move out or making improvements for those already living on their own. The program teaches skills such as problem solving, goal setting and self-reflection applied across practical areas such as self-care, domestic chores, scheduling or time management, budgeting, and community access. 

emPOWER UP: Level 1

Want some cheat codes to life?

Want to be more independent?

Level 1 is about giving you skills, strategies and mental shortcuts to the basics of life, including:

The transition into adulthood can be challenging and often stressful for young autistic adults.

This program has been developed to guide, support and empower you as you navigate your way to independence.

The aims of the program are to provide you with the skills and strategies required for independent living, including becoming more self-sufficient in the family home, preparing to move out or making improvements for those already living on their own. It focuses on essential foundation skills such as self-reflection, problem-solving and goal-setting applied across a range of areas including self-care, domestic chores, scheduling, budgeting and community access.

Emphasis is placed on addressing some of the barriers experienced by autistic people including motivation, organisation and emotional regulation.


  • The best time to participate is from 16 to 25 years, however, our intake team can help you decide when you’re ready
  • Identify as autistic
  • Good literacy skills (high school level)

The emPOWER UP – Level 1 program is delivered in standard and fast-track formats throughout the year. The standard format features a few hours of learning each week for one month. Alternatively, the fast-track format is completed over several days. This program is delivered in person in Brisbane and online for regional/remote participants.


The program is a blended format of workshop learning and complementary online learning. Participants can expect to commit 1.5-2 hours to each module.

The program is free to all participants. This has been made possible via the Department of Social Services Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Grant Round 2019.

In Person Programs: 

  • Brisbane - Commencing Mon 26th June (Mon, Wed & Fri 1pm - 5pm)

  • Toowoomba - Commencing Wed 20th Sept (Wed, Thurs & Fri 1pm – 5pm)

Online Programs: 

  • Commencing Mon 31st July (Mon & Wed 4:30 - 6:30pm)

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