Empower Autism


At Empower Autism, we’re passionate about supporting the autistic community. We are strong advocates of the benefits of peer-led support. Therefore, we firmly believe that autistic people need to be involved in the design and delivery of programs and services for other autistic people. 

As a relatively small, but growing, organisation, we are focussed on providing programs and services where we see the greatest need. Many of our programs are therefore aimed at autistic people aged 14 years and over. Currently, our programs and services include: –

We’re particularly proud, and passionate, about having autistic people involved in every aspect of our programs. The tag line of our brand is ‘enabling positive social change for and with autistic people.’ These are not just words; they are words we live by at Empower Autism! 

Autistic people are involved as employees, volunteers, consultants, Board directors, and Program Reference Group members in:

  • The design and delivery of our life skills and peer mentoring programs
  • The coordination and facilitation of our peer support groups
  • The oversight of all our program design and development (Program Reference Group)

As well as the programs above, we’re currently developing an employment readiness program and are looking at expanding our peer support groups. We value feedback from the autistic community as to what programs and services are needed, so if you see a need for a new or adapted program, we’d love to hear from you!

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