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Independence in the Community

About emPOWER UP: Independence in the Community

This program was created by autistic people for autistic people, specifically to empower young, autistic adults to increase their capacity for independence. The program is designed to ensure participants have the tools and strategies to survive and thrive in their daily lives through four core modules: living arrangements, responsible citizenship, positive relationships, and well-being.

The program features four modules:

Who is the program for?

The program is suited to young autistic adults who are ready to or considering living independently – school leavers and above.


This program is currently FREE for all participants. This has been made possible via the Department of Social Services Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Grant Round 2019.

Program format

emPOWER UP: Independence in the Community is delivered in standard and fast-track formats throughout the year. The standard format features a few hours of learning each week for one month. Alternatively, the fast-track format is completed over several days. This program is delivered in person in Brisbane and online for regional/remote participants.

The program is a blended format of workshop learning and complementary online learning. Participants can expect to commit four hours to each module.

Program Modules

The program features four modules – here is a brief summary of the content covered in each module:

MODULE ONE: Living Arrangements

Participants will build confidence in several domains of domestic life including communicating with your household, chores, budgeting for your household, and tenancy agreements.

MODULE TWO: Responsible Citizenship

Participants will increase their understanding of components of citizenship such as voting, police searches, getting legal help, and laws and safety with alcohol consumption.

MODULE THREE: Positive Relationships

Participants will build confidence in their interpersonal skills including healthy boundaries, sexual health, gender identity, and meeting new people.

MODULE FOUR: Wellbeing

Participants will increase their skills and knowledge in several domains related to wellbeing such as mental health, masking, and wellbeing strategies.

Program Competencies

If you complete all modules in this course, you will have the option to complete short, simple assessments to gain the competencies aligned with the program. These may be able to be credited to a future relevant vocational course.

In-Person 5 Day Program:


  • Monday 27th May & Thursday 30th May
  • Monday 3rd June & Thursday 6th June
  • Monday 10th June


  • 4:30pm-7:00pm

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