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Peer Mentoring

Empower Autism’s Peer Mentoring Program involves peer-to-peer mentoring (1:1) between an autistic mentor and autistic mentee.

Mentors help build healthy and trusting relationships with mentees to encourage a positive sense of autistic identity. The mentoring process will also provide both mentors and mentees with the opportunity to build confidence, engage in personal growth, work towards personal goals, and improve general wellbeing.

Furthermore, both mentors and mentees will gain valuable skills and experience that enhance their employability.

About the Program

Our Peer Mentoring Program is specifically designed for autistic people aged 18 years and over. The program takes a flexible and individualised approach to mentoring. This means that we will work to match mentors with mentees that share similar goals, interests, and preferences. We will also help mentors and mentees to set up a unique mentoring arrangement that works best for them. For example, some mentors and mentees might prefer to meet once per week at a local library. Others might want to meet once a fortnight via Zoom.

Training, resources, and support will be provided along the way to encourage success and a positive experience throughout the mentoring process. 

Peer Mentoring Session Photo with Empower Autism

Mentor Role

Mentors can come from any walk of life. They may be university students, working professionals, those living independently, or other autistic individuals with a particular skillset they are confident sharing with others. Throughout the program, mentors act as a knowledgeable guide and resource to help mentees with their personal development.

Mentee Role

Mentees are autistic individuals seeking to raise their self-confidence, build awareness of personal strengths, or achieve personal goals. Receiving mentorship from an autistic mentor will provide mentees with access to a non-judgemental, like-minded person to discuss thoughts, fears, and aspirations with.

Register Your Interest

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*The minimum age requirement for this program is 18 years.

Register Your Interest

Due to strong demand, we have introduced a waitlist for new mentees. We would be happy to discuss alternative program options, which may be valuable while you wait for further openings in the Mentoring program.

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*The minimum age requirement for this program is 18 years.

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