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Are you an employer wanting to build a more neurodivergent workforce?

In today’s dynamic business landscape, cognitive diversity is a valuable yet often underutilised asset for most organisations. Specifically, embracing neurodiversity, by employing autistic individuals, brings a unique perspective to your organisation, fostering innovation and increasing productivity.

Leading companies recognise the power of neurodiversity and have made it a strategic goal to build a neurodivergent workforce. To help your enterprise unlock the benefits of this diversity, consider three key areas of focus:


Successful organisations excel in their diversity recruitment practices. Empower Autism can assist your company in tailoring job advertisements to attract a more diverse pool of candidates. We also provide support for establishing effective talent management for autistic people as well as guidance on creating accessible interview processes for job seekers.


Nurturing a supportive and inclusive culture is essential. Empower Autism offers educational training for management, co-workers, and recruitment teams, ensuring that your organisation is well-equipped to embrace an inclusive workplace culture. We also promote the use of autism-affirming language and easy adjustments to create an inclusive workplace environment.


HR staff play a crucial role in facilitating a neurodiverse workforce. Empower Autism provides valuable resources to help your organisation introduce efficient, reasonable adjustment systems. Additionally, we offer insights into building capabilities and tailoring strategies to ensure your organisation becomes a workplace where autistic employees thrive.

By focusing on these three pillars recruitment, culture, and governance, you can harness the full potential of neurodiversity and drive success in your enterprise. Empower Autism is here to support you every step of the way. If you would like to express interest in how we can partner with you to support you in building an inclusive and diverse workforce, please contact us at mes@empowerautism.org.au or fill out the form below and we will be in touch.



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