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About emPOWER UP: Employment

Our emPOWER UP: Employment program has been designed by autistic people, for autistic people. The program empowers participants with the confidence, skills, and strategies to succeed in the workplace as an autistic employee. emPOWER Up: Employment focuses on key areas of employment, from planning a career path that aligns with your strengths and values, to self-advocacy and self-care in the workplace.

The program features four modules:

Who is the program for?

The program is designed primarily for young autistic adults who are in the workforce, getting ready to enter the workforce or looking to find a career direction that suits their strengths. 


This program is currently FREE for all participants. This has been made possible via the Department of Social Services Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Grant Round 2019.

Program format

emPOWER UP: Employment is delivered in standard and fast-track formats throughout the year. The standard format features a few hours of learning each week for one month. Alternatively, the fast-track format is completed over two days. This program is delivered in person in Brisbane and online for regional/remote participants. 

Program Modules

The program features four modules – here is a brief summary of the content covered in each module:

MODULE ONE: Career Planning

Participants will explore key factors in choosing a career path, including investigating personal strengths, career core values, and ideal working environments for them.

MODULE TWO: Job Applications

Participants will build their knowledge on the fundamentals of job applications, from finding opportunities to effective resumes and applications. This module also covers interview preparation strategies, such as hidden meanings in interview questions.

MODULE THREE: Starting a New Job

Participants will explore essential factors to starting a job in a new workplace, including legalities of job conditions, uncomfortable conversations, and addressing problematic situations.


Workplace Adjustments

Participants will increase their knowledge on disclosure in the workplace, self-advocacy, disability discrimination, reasonable adjustments, and maintaining self-care as an autistic professional.


1:1 Career Coaching

Participants are offered the opportunity to have a one-on-one career consultation with a Career Coach to discuss their career ideas, interests and plans.

Program Competencies

If you complete all modules in this program, you will have the option to complete short, simple assessments to gain the competencies aligned with the program. These may be able to be credited to a future relevant vocational course.  

In Person Programs: 

  • Brisbane - Commencing Mon 15th May (Mon & Wed 1pm - 5pm)

  • Rockhampton - Commencing Mon 3rd July (Mon & Tues 12pm - 5pm)

  • Brisbane - Commencing Mon 20th Nov (Mon & Fri 1pm – 5pm)

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