Empower Autism

Supporting Unique Preferences

Maintaining a thriving volunteering partnership involves understanding individual and unique preferences. Early on in these resources we briefly described how autistic individuals may have their own set of unique preferences and sensitivities. These often relate to sensory sensitivities, communication styles and thinking preferences.

Our aim so far has been to provide you with enough information to identify these preferences through role listings, descriptions and a focus on open communication. Our templates and recommended questions have all focused on capturing these details.

Within this section, we will be providing a bit more context and give some practical examples of what this might look like in a volunteering role.

We have structured our information to give you a practical understanding of what a preference and accompanying support might look like in a volunteering role. However, there are many different ways describing and accommodating unique preferences in the autistic community. We have provided you with and additional links in our Downloadable Resource that relate to each preference and supplement the information ahead.

Key Points

  • We have given you enough information to increase your understanding, but there are many more sources of information in our Downloadable Resource section.
Communication Styles
Sensory Senitivities
Thinking Preferences
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