Empower Autism

Checking In: A Brief Structure


Checking-in with an autistic volunteer is a useful and often necessary way to reflect, adapt and improve any relationship. While the extent to which you can check-in with a volunteer will be tailored towards your volunteering organisations situation, we have provided some general conversation starters that can be used as the basis of an informal check-in to see how an autistic volunteer is going.  

This is just one other aspect of opening communication and encouraging dialogue, and is not intended to be a formal review process!

You can print this out as a conversation guide or use it as an agenda when you’re engaging with autistic volunteers.

The Highlights

What is the best aspect of your volunteering role? Which aspect aligned with your personal strength and skills?

What Worked

What actions, strategies or initiatives did you try out that you feel worked well?

What Didn't Work

What is one thing you'd like to aim to achieve we next meet up?

Role Adjustment

Are there any changes, feedback or additional support to cater for any adjustments that can address any of th3ese areas that did not work well for you?

Other Questions

Do you have any further questions or additional information that might support you and clarify any expectations within your current role?

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